If you know a Viet Nam Veteran or you are  related to one, then this book is for you both.

A Marine’s Daughter- by Al Hague

Viet Nam Veteran Marine SGT Jon Milo is near the end of his tour of duty in life, but he is about to face his darkest fears, regrets and scattered memories of his past life in Viet Nam and in the Corps.

Milo has kept a secret for many years from his family, friends and especially his only daughter. He is a war hero but has no idea that anyone thinks he is and he certainly does not think of himself as one.

John’s only daughter Sara is a successful attorney who has always been close to her father but has suspected that he has been holding back. Her lifelong desire to know the secrets that make her father the man who remains elusive, shrouded in mystery.

Sara is determined to help her father and best friend to find peace with his past and gain him the recognition he so deserves. During her quest, she realizes she has been missing an important part of her own life but is it too late for both of them?

This story delves into our struggles and challenges to uncover the truth and come to grips with the past, no matter how dark. Civilians will learn much of what was endured by Marines and soldiers who fought in Viet Nam. What creates a Marine and their willingness to serve?

And what befalls us all in the aftermath of war?

Viet Nam Service Ribbon

” The relationship between father and daughter is unique and one to be nurtured and cherished.”

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Paperback= 978 164 2374643

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