A Privilege

Today I had the privilege to watch and hear the incredible memorial service for Senator John McCain. Not just because he was a Senator from Arizona but to me, he truly was a Viet Nam hero. He lived an amazing life for sure in spite of what he suffered in Hanoi all those years. Perhaps what I am most in awe of is the ability and determination he showed to put his past behind him and move forward with a purpose and commitment. How I wish I would have had the opportunity to speak with him about his ability to deal with the past. I have no doubt his suffering and struggles those years were far beyond most and while he was not perfect he never lost the faith. Faith in himself and faith in his country. It would be a great tribute to the man if we as a country could learn from his example and find ways to move forward together. About the only thing I can say I have in common with the man is the love of country. Beyond that, I only can hope to learn a small piece of what he seemed to know so naturally.

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