Al Hague, Author

Raised in a very small town in New England I grew up in what today seems a much simpler time. Perhaps it wasn't for my parents but they were not the complaining kind of people. I had what I believe to be an amazing childhood with all sorts of freedom and incentive to learn and explore.

I joined the Marine Corps shortly after high school graduation and followed a path that I had enormous belief in.

In later years I raised two daughters held various business jobs and even a few years as a police officer. My lifelong hobbies have been outdoor activities such as fishing hunting and the shooting sports. I have enjoyed the sport of golf all of my life and today in my retirement I find myself a storyteller mostly about life experiences not necessarily of my own.

I am a Marine who served in Viet Nam 1965-1966. As a journalist for magazines for the past ten years, I have enjoyed the process of telling a story. The idea for this novel came to me from a conversation with a fellow Marine about the struggles of dealing with the events of that time and the different ways men dealt with those events.

My hope in writing this would be that people who have family or friends who did answer the call for their country at such a terrible time may find some understanding of what they went through and had to live with for so long.

It is important to note that A Marines Daughter is not based on any person or persons living or dead and that any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental. It is my hope that the message is about a time in our history that if we are not careful we will continue to repeat.

As a member of the American Legion, Viet Nam Veterans of America and the VFW I am committing to donate a portion of the proceeds of the sales of this novel to The  Viet Nam Veterans of America with the hope help will be provided to Vets of all wars that have the need. I am married to an amazing supportive lady, Diane and I have a service dog named Brady as I am obviously a NewEngland Patriots fan and have been since they began.

Please feel free to email me with any questions and your feedback on the excerpts available.

This is Brady my service dog. We are both Patriots fans!

Author Q&A

  • What motivated you to write A Marine’s Daughter?
    My personal experiences with memories and the change in the country towards Viet Nam Vets.
  • How long did it take to write the book?
    About 18 months
  • Talk a little about your writing process. How often do you write? How much?
    I write as long as the idea takes me to get in place. I spend a lot of time thinking about direction and characters and the relationships.
  • Why did you choose to write from both the point of view of a Viet Nam veteran and his adult daughter?
    Veterans are often alone but they really need someone to listen and understand. Having a strong personal relationship with my own daughters, even though they never forced me to share about my experience, made Sara seem to be the ideal support for Jon.
  • Did your own military experience inform your writing?
    Yes, in some areas of course. My knowledge of the Marine Corps is of course from personal experience. The common jargon known to fellow Marines can only come from someone who lived it.
  • What would you most like readers to gain from reading A Marine’s Daughter?
    An understanding of the past and the present for the Viet Nam veteran and their struggles. The main character is not intended to define all veterans but to provide a message that all Vets have memories and different ways of dealing with them. Some are no doubt much worse than others and they all need some degree of support.
  • What was the most challenging aspect of writing the book?
    As a magazine writer for ten years I have written in a reporting style. This was my first attempt at creating characters. A completely different but welcome challenge.
  • What are you working on now?
    I am beginning to plan the sequel and expand on the characters. I also have a Children’s series I am working on. Lastly I have an idea for a book about a guy from a small town, back when life seemed much simpler and for the most part people were nicer to each other...pre Vietnam.