Patience is the challenge

The editing process is a slow and painful process. You soon realize that your previous work needs more work and that itself is a good discovery. Except for the time that it takes is certainly unexpected for a first-time author. However, the desire for everything to be solid is the driving force to make it through the process. Between my editor and myself, we have discussions about changes and corrections and most of the time she is right and I do my best to follow her lead but that is not easy. I have been told if it were easy anyone could do it. Honestly, I am not sure that makes me feel a whole lot better. The subject of the story in this book has incredible meaning to so many that I worry that I am getting the message out there through the characters and the storyline. It really is a delicate balance to mke the points and still give proper credit to the characters and the all-important relationship between the father and daughter neither of which are perfect.

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