Process begins

The largest challenge for having a successful book launch is the marketing efforts required. Making as many people and organizations aware of the debut of the book is a challenge best handled by professionals. The myriad of choices in the world of social media is enormous. Seeking opportunities for publicity requires a constant effort and even with that there is no guarantee, In todays worl of new books being shown and talked about it seems most are offered by politicos and the infamous. For a new author, the mountain is a huge climb but certainly worth the effort if you believe your work is worthwhile.

Making connections for interviews, book signings, book club speaking engagements, and distribution channels is a large part of the plan and is certainly unfamiliar territory for the neophyte.  However, since I relish challenges through learning I am eager to make it all happen.  I had an opportunity to meet with the manager of a Barnes and Noble store here in the Phoenix area and she was most helpful and interested in holding a book signing event when we are ready. This encounter was most encouraging and with 11 stores in the greater Phoneix area, it will be very interesting.

Making the connections for Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In takes time and persistence so if you see my connections you will know what we are doing. More on this process later


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