The Devil is in the Details!!!

The details that need to be attended to in the publishing of a book is not something a writer thinks about much until the time is at hand. Of course it would be easy to outsource all of the work but then the cost of publishing gets out of control. A small sample of the details includes book covers for both paperback and hardcaover. Seeking out book review specialists and specfic interest groups. Website creation and optimization, along with search engine optimization. Social media posts and sources. Securing book signings at book stores, as well as speaking engagement to groups who have an interest in novels and the subject matter. Connecting with groups who have an interest in the story and the message. All of this has to happen in an ongoing basis for several months to make the book successful. I will be outsourcing some of the challenges but for the most part it is all on my desk. For this book I designed the book cover and I created the trailer after trying to outsource the video and not getting the results I was looking for.

No doubt it is a lot of work but the passion for the project makes it much more enjoyable. I am already looking towards the sequel with the same characters as I feel the story has plenty of room to move forward. However, the main focus most likely will be on the daughter Sara and her future working for the benefit of Veterans like her father Jon. More romance as well for both. Just a bit of a sneak peek.

Hopefully the pre-order capability will be available early October for delivery before the Holidays. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.

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