Viet Nam Veterans of America

Tuesday the 18th I was invited to speak to those attending the monthly meeting of the Mesa AZ Chapter. Upon arrival, I was greeted by John Dodge and introduced to many of the group. All were very welcoming and cordial and sincerely interested in what I would have to say. I spoke for about 18 minutes sharing the details of the book A Marine’s Daughter and also how I came to write this story. I was fortunate to exchange backgrounds with many men and women in the group and found it interesting that most were Army and only one other Marine. This group is a dedicated group dedicated to not only the history and life we all share but also doing good deeds for the community and other Veterans. I am pleased to have become a life member of the VVA and be able to donate a portion of the book proceeds to this national organization.

The author  1965 Danang So Viet Nam

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